• Refining
  • Assembly
  • Food
  • Defense
  • Machining
  • Welding/ Fabrication, etc.
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Manufacturing Front Office, etc.

Strategy Deployment: Establishing TruNorth for both Long Term (3-5yr) and Short Term (annual) with metrics and expectations for how to adjust along the way. Value stream mapping typically follows.

Standards Assistance and Compliance (ISO, AS, TS, ISBAO): We help organizations prepare for and successfully pass audits.

True Spirited Continuous Improvement: We practice and help your people learn and apply all aspects of continuous improvement from the oldest to the newest ideas.

Mentoring/ Coaching- from those in the process to the Executives: Most critical aspect to sustaining change is to stand beside those practicing providing a safety net.

Custom Problem Solving: We lead your team to solve the toughest issue facing you.

Total Weld Management: We help organizations bring out the best in welders by systematically empowering them to own their process.

God’s Breakthrough Initiative: We help churches and non-profits stretch their resources to maximize the benefit.

Whether your business is manufacturing or transactional, whatever category your business fits in, we teach tools and techniques to your people to significantly, sustainably and immediately enhance your operation impacting your bottom line. Typical ROI’s for our work greatly exceed a 10:1 return.